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Organic Cotton Bulk Bags (set of 5)

Organic Cotton Bulk Bags (set of 5)

The perfect companion for your mesh produce bags. These organic cotton bags are perfect for the finer things in life. Scoop all of your dry or loose goods directly inside while shopping. Cereal, seeds, grains and powders now have a plastic-free way to go home with you. 

They come in five assorted sizes so you can manage a variety of shopping needs with just one set. The largest size makes a great bread bag too. Each comes with its tare weight printed on the label for ease of weighing at the til. 

Sizes:  6 x 9 | 8 x 10 | 10 x 12 | 12 x 15 | 14 x 18


Material: Certified Organic Cotton ~ Stemming from safer & sustainable farming practices 

Care: Wash in cold and hang or lay flat to dry for best results due to the 100% cotton content of this product. 

Alternative To: Single-use plastic bags.

Packaging: These Cotton Bags come 100% package-free.

End of Life: These bags are 100% backyard compostable. Simply cut up into small pieces for better breakdown. They are also textile recyclable.