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refill & reuse your containers

We gladly refill anything that is clean and encourage you to bring your own containers (BYOC). Your containers do not have to be empty. We understand not everything will run out at the same time; we will tare your container and you only pay for what we top up.

Forgot your containers? No worries, we have a large selection of bags, bottles and jars to get you started. We also have a selection of free, second hand containers in our community bin.

placing your order

Order the product and the quantity you want at our counters. We do the refilling and weighing for you so you can have time to browse our shop.


Once you're containers are filled and you've finished browsing the store you can pay with debit, mastercard or visa.

extra services

drop off

Take advantage or our drop off service to run other errands or explore Kensington. We will hang on to your order until you return.

large refill orders

For refills of large quantities, please email to make sure we have enough of what you need in stock. If you would like to use our bulk products for your business, please send us an email. We're adding new products to our refillery all the time, here are some of the things you will find on our refill wall:

refill body refill home
shampoo dish washing liquid
conditioner dishwasher powder & tabs
body wash laundry liquids and powders
hand soap oxygen brightener
toothpaste and tabs all purpose cleaners
hair gel baking soda
hair spray vinegar
deodorant castile soap
body lotion window and glass cleaner
bubble bath
baby bubble bath
baby shampoo & body wash
soap ends

bath salts

facial cleansing balm